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Freshdocz offers well-executed document
management functions for global teams
undertaking mission-critical operations.

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“Freshdocz is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Freshdocz has all the features that make them more unique than
their competitors. For us, Freshdocz is the best platform to be used for our teams in remote regions. Unrestricted
mobility and device independence count among the major benefits of Freshdocz. With this service, it is much easier to
share documents internally within the team, and also share documents with clients.”

Freshdocz simplifies the way you share content and collaborate with your team

Experience the flexibility and scalability your organization needs.


Freshdocz simplifies the way you share content and collaborate with your team

Quickly Scalable Platform

Support new employees, vendor, partners, customers and high volumes of data with our optimized storage architecture. No downtime anymore.

Local or Cloud Storage

Get complete control over your documents with the right installation flavour required by your business: on- premise or cloud-based.

Document Version Control

Robust version control increases traceability of documents, allows reversal of unauthorized changes, and link document changes to authors.

Third-Party Integrations

Get E-signatures, GIS-enabled document retrieval, and authentication using your current directory services (like Azure Active Directory).

Go Easy with QR Codes

Reimagined benefits of QR codes – spare the hassle of typing and making typing errors, simplify accessing a document (without revealing its URL), save typing and swiping – find them right inside Freshdocz.

Handy Mobile Apps

Access your content stored on Freshdocz on-premise or Freshdocz on-cloud instantly, wherever you are with our free Android and iOS apps. View, open, and edit documents “on the go”.

Unbreakable Audit Trails

Defend, protect and fool-proof access to your document throughout its lifecycle using superstrong and compliant audit trails of access, modification and deletion.

Make Your Brand Noticeable

Customize the Freshdocz user interface to bring out the exact look-and-feel of your brand and make it instantly familiar.

Oil & Gas Dashboard

Display the KPIs that matter – Downtime, Cycle time, – as impactful visuals right on your dashboard

Clone Your Documents

Replicate document configuration to create a cloned document easily.

Regulatory Compliance

Roll out process automations, get real-time insights in quality metrics, and avoid penalties due to poor quality using our built-in support to ISO 9001-2015.